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I've stopped writing about Crystalpunk because I've been trying to figure out just how I want it to feel. I want to start with New Age thought, but infuse it with some of the feeling of cyberpunk and steampunk. Read more... )
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Just some random thoughts on system and how it affects play. Once again, I am soliciting comemnts.
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(This is a bit of cosmology and history, followed by a possible character type. I really like the idea of the grid hackers - I think it adds an interesting dynamic to the nature of the world. My concern is that it might make the tone too dark and may make humanity more like a tool than anything else - like how Kindred in the WoD view people as blood points and not much more. I'd like to hear comments on it.)

The planet is surrounded/permeated with several 'grids' that connect the planet and the people of the planet into a whole network of life energy and consciousness. These grids connect back with the planet itself as well. Some grids extend across several vibrational levels as well.
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As I've been working on Crystalpunk, I've been trying to capture the feel of the New Age. There are a few key factors in that feel, in my opinion, such as a rather aggressive syncretism and diverse (and even chaotic) interplay of various philosophies. Another that I have mentioned is optimism. The New Age is seems to ackowledge the bleakness of existance (and reading up more, there are a lot of avid conspiracy theorists in the movement). But the movement seems to choose to focus on the positive - the potential of humanity being good, not cynicism on the baseness of human life.

An issue I am having is, while I want to retain those distinctive aspects, it doesn't lend itself well to the 'punk' in Crystalpunk. The Wardens are an attempt to put forth a darkness that the PCs are small, yet distinct, lights against that darkness. But I want to evoke some of the visceral feel of cyberpunk in this setting as well (without evoking horror elements - Crystalpunk is an epic urban fantasy, not a horror or noir piece). So I am wondering how best to bring in some of that feel. I almost want to refer to it as a 'gritty' feel, but that's not exactly it. Maybe 'earthy' is better. Still not quite right.

Some of it will come from the contrast between various factions. Light Wave, the Discordians, ancient wisdom groups like the Morgans, primal entities like Otherkin, etc. These have a much less ephemeral feel than the light workers, channellers, alien contactees and such. I want that ancient wisdom embedded in the earthy experience feel, while giving it a modern feel as well.

I also want to stretch the more science fiction feel to resonate with the cyberpunk genre. I am going to add some transhumanist elements, such as groups interested in the evolution of humanity to posthuman rhrough conscious self-modification, both physical and spiritual. Add onto that psionics and I think we'll have a good mix of magic and pseudoscience. And I think that the friction between philosophy and paradigm will add to the visceral feel with losing the overall feel I am looking for.
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The factions among the lightworkers are not strict by any means. While lightworkers do tend to find one another, there is no grand structure or dogma. In fact, there are a lot of lightworkers that follow a mishmash of beliefs (with a liberal helping of their own ideas) and work in small independant groups. That being said, there are some common types of lightworkers and well-known groups. This list is not exhaustive, and few of these groups are mutually exclusive.

Note, I am accepting suggestions for factions and groups. :)

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Eleri and I have been talking about various RPG projects, so I started looking around the net for FUDGE resources since I was using FUDGE for Crystalpunk. Through that, I found a gaming system called FATE, which is free and based off of FUDGE. I like Fate quite a bit. So I've decided that I'll be shifting Crystalpunk to a FATE engine. It seems more suited to it.

Fate at The company that is making FATE has been making for-sale backgrounds on the FATE 3ed engine, which hasn't been fully released yet. But I'm going to base my stuff off of what I like best about FATE 2ed And FATE 3ed.

Now I'll get into crunchy bits (some of it will even be cut-and-paste of things from the FATE website. As usually, none of this is set in stone and I am looking for feedback -even if it is "your ideas before were better! go back!"

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Thematically, Crystalpunk isn't that different from many Mage the Ascension or Secret History sort of game. You have bands of diverse Occult underdogs struggling against a world spanning Orwellian conspiracy. That's sort of part and parcel for the genre.Read more... )
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There is an ongoing discussion in tabletop RPG communities about whether system is important or not. One extreme says that a good GM can run any setting with any system. The other extreme says that the system has to be tailored to its genre and setting in order to work properly. The truth is, as always, in the middle somewhere. I tend a little towards the 'system matters' camp, but not too much.

However, for Crystalpunk, I've decided that I want to get certain feels across using the system as part of the medium. So I'm going to tailor it to the setting a bit. Here's some crunchy system details I am working on. Feel free to add comments.

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Edit: filled in the details. I'm still looking for comments. I sort of like the chaotic nature which this places on action resolution - that also fits the sort of metaphysically-cluttered feel of the genre, I think. But is it too much?

Also, are my assignments of effects of the planets off? Do any need to be swapped or are any just too powerful or too uinsignificant?
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Crystalpunk is a world where the claims of the New Age movement (especially the Ascension movement and Drunvalo Melchizedek) are dramatically and incontrovertibly real.
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Under the blasting, thudding beat of the dance music, Ken (aka DJ Grid) almost missed the buzz of his cell phone. He checked the text, "Daedalus gave us the word. It's on. 11:43pm your time." He looked at his watch. That was only five minutes. He was going to have to time this just right. He pulled a CD from his pack and slipped it into his laptop.

With expert motions and timing, he transitioned seamlessly from the dance song already playing into the special mix he'd been working on for years, a industrial-trance fusion remix of "You've Got to Fight for Your Right to Party." The complex interplay of three baselines, each based on the Fibonacci sequence, pounded into the mass of dancers on the floor.
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