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Day 20

Sinnish: pazh /paʒ/ - n.c. - earth - chair, seat

Rhetorical Alchemy: ihstah /ˈis.ta/- noun - meter, measuring device, ruler, benchmark

Day 21

Sinnish: ragom /ɾa.ˈgom/ - n.c. - earth - a beast, a fearsome animal

Rhetorical Alchemy: zehjees /zɛ.ˈʤis/- noun - knife, cutting implement (as a tool, not a weapon)c

Day 22

Sinnish: ashki /ˈaʃ.ki/ - n.c. - earth - a cat or feline

Rhetorical Alchemy: hah /ha/ - noun - wind, air current

Day 23

Sinnish: ediol /ˈe.di.ol/ - n.c. - air - symbol, glyph, signature, identifying mark, birthmark

Rhetorical Alchemy: snolnleengankah - /snoln.ˈliŋ.æn.ka/ "You are enjoying this, aren't you?"


The object prefix ln- is the third person inanimate singular marker. I've translated it here as 'this', but it is literally just 'it'. However, it's likely that it would refer to a previously established 'it' in discourse, so 'this' is a good translation. The root for 'to enjoy' is leegehn, which has been melted to put it in the progressive aspect ('you enjoy' vs 'you are enjoying'). The suffix 'ka' is used to indicate yes/no questions and literally means 'confirm this'. This means that while this is semantically a question, syntactically it is not.

Note that leegehn /li.gɛn/ becomes /liŋ.æn/ when melted, the onset /ŋ/ becomes the coda to the previous syllable. RA does not allow /ŋ/ in an onset, so the syllable boundary moves.
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Day 17

Sinnish: reda /ˈɾe.da/ - v.t. - water - to kiss, (colloquially) to spend intimate personal time with

Rhetorical Alchemy: kreetihd /ˈkri.tɪd/ - adj. - dense, think, weighty, gravid, of significant substance. Also used to describe phonemes with low sonority (the lower sonority of a phoneme, the more 'substantial' it is considered)

Day 18

Sinnish: tuhkwu /tək.ˈwu/ - n.m. - air - glass (material)

Rhetorical Alchemy: nohlong /ˈno.lʊng/ - noun - water (as a substance)

Day 19

Sinnish: road /ˈɾ - n.c. - a piece of trash, a piece of junk

Rhetorical Alchemy: vlov /vlʊv/ - noun - a claim of ownership, a patent, an exclusive right to something. In some cases, it means an bureaucratic office or legal mandate.
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Day 15:
shayimazham /ʃa.ya.ˈma.ʒam/ - v.t.- sun - to feel compersion, to take joy in the love that those you love share with others. Literally 'to braid-love'. (Note: this is realized as [ʃaɪ.ya.ˈma.ʒam])

Rhetorical Alchemy:
fluhnuhnt /flən.ənt/ - noun - schadenfreude (a common feeling in Asuran society)
flunt is the verb for 'to gloat'. The root is projected, which turns it into a noun for 'the feeling of gloating'. Projection is a catalytic process, a process in which a catalyst is attached to a root word to derive a new word. A catalyst is an affix that is underspecified phonemically, so that the actual sounds used depend on word it attaches to. In projection, the catalyst is a ferment (abbreviated CF), which is infixed before the final coda of the word and is a nasal that matches the core of the core of the final coda and a vowel that matches the stressed vowel in the word. Other catalytic processes include amalgamation, corrosion, fusion, virtification and vitriolifaction, and use catalysts of mercury, acid, lime, and vitriol, respectively.

Day 16:
ed /ed/ - n.c. - sun - a gift, a present

Rhetorical Alchemy
pauvalg /ˈpaʊ.valg/ - n.c. - a near-miss, a problem that has been narrowly avoided
pau is, of course, an explosion. The suffix valg attaches to something to mean it is 'almost' that. It's used in verbs to mean to try to do something but just barely miss it. It would also be used in terms like 'virtual reality' or 'titular head'.
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(late again...)

zhe /ʒe/ - v.t. - water - to coil, to roll up, to surround, to bind with

Rhetorical Alchemy
astihniht /ˈæst.ɪn.ɪt/ - noun - power, energy, a motive force. Implies that there is a way to harness the force for intentional use
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Sinnish: arakim /a.ra.ˈkim/- n.c. - a spice, a seasoning, a flavoring, a condiment

Rhetorical Alchemy:
tehd /tɛd/ - noun - morphosyntax
Interestingly, a number of complex linguistic concepts are translated with very short words in Rhetorical Alchemy.
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Day 11
orekis /o.ˈre.kis/ - n.c. - fire - an unfulfilled need, a hunger, an unrequited love

Rhetorical Alchemy:
chehkooxihv /ˈʧɛk.u.xɪv/ "Kill it with fire!"

This is another imperative word. No object is specified but is implied. The suffix ooxihv means to accomplish the action by burning. It's original use was in describing alchemical/technomagical processes, but the metaphorical extension is easily understandable.

Day 12
Sinnish: xosishim /xo.ˈsi.ʃim/ - n.c. - fire - a sensation or act that is both pleasurable and painful. Examples are the burn of a good whiskey, stretching out tired or cramped muscles, and certain sexual situations. Used to describe the sensation and the source of such a sensation. Literally "watery-fire"

Rhetorical Alchemy: prinst /prɪnst/ - noun - a cup, open container used for holding liquid, but not liquid for drinking, such as a beaker, test tube, or laboratory flask.
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Another day of simple words
Sinnish: chas /ʧas/ - v.i. - water - to be sad

Rhetorical Alchemy: snaum /snaʊm/ - noun - cog, gear


Dec. 9th, 2014 08:49 pm
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I've been during Lexember, which is the conlang version of NaNoblahblahblah. A new word for your conlang each day. I figured I should post it over here too, but I forgot until now.

I am doing words for two languages: Sinnish (a personal language which I have revised MANY times), and Asuran Rhetorical Alchemy (a language I am making for the Asuran people from Guild Wars 2).

Here is Day 9 (I put links to my posts on G+ for the earlier days - no log in required).

Day 9

Sinnish: gemio /ge.ˈmi.o/ - n.c. - earth - a medicine, a substance used to improve the health of something (things like furniture polish, motor oil, and drain cleaners are often referred to as this as well)

Rhetorical Alchemy:
boonegihks /ˈboo.nɛg.ɪks/ - noun - failure
This word was one of the first to be 'organically coined' (that is, developed in usage in the way natural languages gain words) after the initial publishing of the The Concordance of Rhetorical Alchemical Meaning (the definitive lexicon of the language). It's original derivation was boom-neg-iks: fault-1ST.POS-NEG, literally "not my fault". It was repeated so much in early discourse that it became subject to semantic drift to what it means today.

Day 1:
Day 2:
Day 3:
Day 4:
Day 5:
Day 6:
Day 7:
Day 8:
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A happy end of year to you.

zhu limadhut osuzma yu
zhiat odoash razhuhv oyim yu kazu toxi ozet

May your ghosts rest.
May new life fill the void in the next year.
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A quick little mantra for grounding and centering.

I am breathing, I am open
uledom a, ureaz a

from sun to shadow
remi rek yad tuhr

I am achieving balance
uportayi a
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The Prayer of Adoration (yadis ote weshayav) is said from one to another and is a sort of dedication of one's feelings to another. By speaking the prayer, you are offering up your love and energy to another (the sacrament of edoa) and offering an intimate and loving connection. By offering (and accepting) this prayer, you are accepting that other for all that they are and that they can be in your life. This is appropriate for intimate, powerful relationships of all types, even those sometimes/long-distance relationships that can end up an important part of your life.
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Sep. 26th, 2004 03:02 am
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Sinnish Prayer for the Full Moon with sound byte.

(crossposted to [ profile] sinnish and [ profile] mercurytemple)
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Finally and by popular demand, the [ profile] sinnish LiveJournal community!

It's pretty empty now (read, I haven't posted anything), but I plan to! I want to start off with some discussion and then a bunch of sound files as examples of how to pronounce Sinnish words.
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First off, are their any artists out there who would be willing to help me with Sinnish glyphs? I want a kanji-like version of the language, but I just can't design any I like.
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I want to get back to Sinnish. I seem to have hit a bit of a slump on it, getting distracted by Elvish and D'ni, linguistically speaking. But Sinnish is still probably the most original artistic endeavor I've ever taken.

There is a part of me that regrets the fact that it will never really be much more than something to keep my mind busy. I see Tolkien's work and wonder what it would be like to have spawned such a phenomena.

Anyway, details on Sinnish:
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I've been slowly coming back to Sinnish. I actually have three chapters of my primer done (a whopping 12 pages).

However, as I look at it, I'm not certain I'm happy with it. Especially the case system. Words expand into much longer words a lot quicker than I would like.

So I am tempted to tweak the case system, making different 'declensions' based off of the final letter in the noun. If it ends with a vowel, handle it one way, if it ends with a m, inflect it another way. If it ends with an fricative, inflect it a third way.

It'd be a lot of work. And I'd have to play with the vocabulary to make sure there aren't any completely confusing conflicts.

But it's tempting. It'd give Sinnish a more natural feel. And it might be more elegant. I dunno.
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Im feeling very existential tonight...
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Stars and Heat
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